Great news: Implementing Weekly Giveaways!

Hello everyone,

This update brings an exciting new feature - Weekly Item(s) Giveaways - that we created in order to thank all of you for your constant support, loyalty and patience. 


Starting now anyone can participate in the Weekly Giveaways and have a chance of winning a random item because mods are great but real items are better.


Here are the details:

- you must register with your email and confirm it (Dota2Mods will NEVER sell or use your email for any other purpose than the Giveaway).

- after confirming the registration you will get 7 daily tokens that you can use to enter the giveaway. The tokens can be used right away or saved for a later time. There is no limit to how much tokens you can accumulate.

- users that have donated will receive 63 daily tokens (9 times more).

- the more tokens you use the bigger the chances of winning.


How the winner will be selected:

- phase 1: 100 users will be randomly selected from all the entries using API.

- phase 2: 10 users will be randomly selected from the 100 users left from phase 1.

- phase 3: the winner(s) will be randomly selected from the last 10.

- the whole process will be recorded and posted on Youtube.

- the winner(s) will be notified via email.


Note: I'm writing "winner(s)" because I may award more than 1 item per giveaway.


On the first week the item awarded will be a set for Axe, Harbinger of War