New Update 3.1.8 for 7.07
As always you can read the Changelog but I feel need to make a few clarifications to prevent future questions and requests. 1. I didn't add Pangolier's Immortal because it doesn't work. 2. I added the new courier even though it's huge. I personally don't like how big it is and I'm not gonna use it. 3. After many requests I added loading screens. I took me so long to add because I didn't see a reason for it because since Dota 7 you see the loading screen very rarely, in Demo Mode, watching live games and sometimes in custom games you can catch a glimpse of it. 4. I removed the popup ads temporarily because I couldn't make them work properly (it was causing the program to reload) and they were much more annoying than intended. 5. Made 2 new small features for Logged Users which I will explain below.  - Shuffle All and Remove All You can find it in the hero tab and this one is pretty self explanatory. It allows you to shuffle all mods of a certain type. I think this was needed because of the mods that don't combine with others (the ones with the circle and / symbol). If you wanted to use one of these mods you'd had to remove everything and that's a pain, but not anymore!    - Sync Saved Mods Many users told me they play in internet cafes so they download the program and install the mods everytime they play. So it takes a lot of time (and it's pretty boring) to set all your favorite mods again and again.  This new feature allows you to save your mods on the server and if you install the program again, you just get them from the server. So there's two parts to it. First there's 'Sync when Saving Mods' which you can set ON or OFF. If it's ON, it will upload your mods to the server after you click 'Save Mods' or 'Save and Play'.  Then there's 'Get your Saved Mods from Server', this downloads your mods from the server. Note: By default 'Sync when Saving Mods' is ON. So when you download the program be sure to click 'Get your Saved Mods from Server' before clicking 'Save Mods'! I will improve this feature later on so you can have multiple instances of saved mods.   Second Note: These 2 features are only for Logged Users (the people who donated)