Eye of the Maze Keeper
Razor Rare
Shambling Draug
Undying Rare
The Boreal Sentinel
Treant Protector Rare
Trail of the Grey Ghost
Lycan Rare
Harvest's Hound
Bloodseeker Rare
Harsh Sojourn
Phantom Lancer Mythical
The Gaze of Zebulon
Drow Ranger Mythical
Rites of Vile Convocation
Lich Mythical
Masks of Mischief
Monkey King Mythical
Eminence of the South Star
Enchantress Mythical
Memories of the Vow Eternal
Medusa Mythical
Contested Fate
Centaur Mythical
Winter's Warden
Crystal Maiden Rare
Nian Courier
Courier Immortal
Gingerbread Baby Roshan
Courier Immortal
Yuwipi Set
Dazzle Rare
Torment of the Chainbreaker
Lifestealer Mythical