Players Like to Cheat With these Dota 2 Heroes

According to Gosu.Ai, when it comes to cheating, Dota 2 players are very inventive. Last year, an astonishing 6,2% of all Skywrath Mage players decided to use cheats. The good news is, the percentage has been halved. But this pattern can be seen in more than one hero.

Cheating in Dota 2 has become more casual than you would think. Unlike last year, when the trend was using cheats on a specific hero, this year, cheats are more general and apply to all heroes. However, we were surprised to learn that Skywrath Mage is still the number 1 cheating hero, with a cheating percentage of 3.4%. Other heroes that Dota 2 players love to cheat with are Meepo, Arc Warden, and Visage.

Some of the most popular heroes for cheaters have dropped from being in the top 7 to top 11-18. This is the case for Broodmother, Huskar, and Clinks. This is probably due to changes in meta. It's a normal thing for certain heroes to get nerfed and become less played, thus being less picked by cheaters.

While some cheats are blatant and easy to detect, others are barely noticeable. However, the Zoom hack remains the number one cheat.