Least Played Heroes of Dota 2 in 2018

Taking into consideration all the changes and updates that Dota 2 has been through in 2018, it is only natural for some heroes to receive less attention. Throughout each season of Dota 2, players have chosen a handful of heroes every match. These heroes are considered the Dota 2 favorites. But what about the least favored heroes? Have players forgotten about them?

Least Loved Dota 2 Heroes

It is only natural for professional players to pick heroes that suit a certain Meta. Experienced players will always adapt to different playing styles and mechanics of strong heroes in order to win games. Certain heroes will always be among the strongest Dota 2 heroes, like Juggernaut who became the most picked hero in competitive matches.

Why did Jug become so popular? Because after the most recent update, he became a really powerful hero. However, Juggernaut is no stranger to being left behind as he has also been neglected by players for a while. And so did these heroes who were neglected in pro matches:

  • Puck
  • Alchemist
  • Death Prophet
  • Huskar
  • Pudge

Surprised? Yes, so were we.