Will OpenAI Win the Next TI?

OpenAI defeated TI8 champions, OG, 2:0 in the Open AI Five Finals. 

An exclusive and amazing Dota 2 match between one of the greatest teams TI8 champions - OG and the controversial OpenAI bots took place yesterday in San Francisco, California.

The famous OG roster had the opportunity to compete for the first time against the bots, which have improved a lot since TI8 when they lost against Big God and paiN Gaming.

The developers' efforts paid off when the OpenAi team took down the TI Champions in both matches. Furthermore, the second game was only 20 minutes long.

Of course, this was an extremely interesting and fun experience for OG and not as frustrating as one might think.

The matches were not structured in regular Captains Mode format, but a more special format.

Only two rosters available: 

- Death Prophet, Tidehunter, Crystal Maiden, Gyrocopter, Lich

- Sniper, Necrophos, Witch Doctor, Lion, Axe

Hero Composition and Team Sides were decided by coin-toss.

Scan-option was deactivated.

Bottle and Divine Rapier unavailable.

No illusions/summons. 

In the end, the matches were proof of how far technology is, and how much work we still have to do in order to have a perfectly functional OpenAI.